These products convey how you can learn to appreciate and be aided by Mother Nature’s gifts to you in the natural world growing around you. The recipes are easy to learn from the bottles, and start to practice on your own by following my guidance.

 These bags contain herbs you can use to make  your own hair shampoo, with an easy description how to do it, and how to go on picking your own plants for this use.
 These bottles contain an oil I made that has proven its efficiency on all sorts of pains in the physical body. I have treated my friends for migrene, bee stings, blue marks, lumbago, stiff neck and more with this oil. Remarkable and simple. 

I make several kinds of oils for different kinds of uses and needs. There are plants that do good for sensitive skin, trouble skin, to keep skin smooth, young and soft, to make you relax and fall asleep, for massage, for energy and vitality. My experience with the oils are over decades.

 Some of the bags with herbs have illustrations on them, from my own finearts. The herbs are manually picked by me under special circumstances.

These small paintings are glued onto empty CDs because of the wonderful display of colours that go along with the radiation of the little painting itself. Listen to my music or to natural sounds while glimpsing on the painting, not focusing, and that will give you calmness and insight in a 15 minute meditation or so.

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